Contract Manufacturing

Aster manufactures premium bathing bars on a third party basis, thereby catering to clients all over the world. Each bathing luxury bar can be fabricated in a given size and can be customised according to the specifications provided by the customer. All Aster products are free from any animal testing, fully organic and manufactured from 100% unadulterated ingredients.


At present, manufacture soap bars are available in following sizes: 20g/25g/30g/50g/60g/100g/110g and 125g in rectangular, square, round and oval shapes. The minimum order size per consignment is for 10000 piecesper variant and interested buyers can either select from existing sizes or get their products customised for sizes as per the market preference.


Batch size is not a problem. We can develop smaller batch sizes for clients who are interested in getting their products manufactured on trial basis. Although, the plant has a capacity to manufacture 100 Metric tons per month, therefore we can also execute medium and large volume orders. The soaps can be manufactured under your brand name as well.

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